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One of the absolute best ways small and large businesses can cover multiple facets of online marketing is through the inclusion of blogs and articles. By including blogs and articles in your company's website, you can generate awareness of your business and product, captivate your users' interest and increase the performance of your website in the search engines as blogs and articles are great for SEO.  At Star Content, our team of professional writers are ready to help you learn how blogs and articles can successfully market your business via the internet.

Blog Writers
Just because Perez Hilton can do it does not mean it is for everyone! When you're writing a blog, you need to remember that you are trying to engage users within a targeted demographic. This is not an easy feat, especially for business owners who are already wearing many hats.  Like most business owners, you may want to include blogs in your website, but you probably do not have the time to take on this onerous task. Let's be honest, writing informative blog entries isn't for everyone.

At Star Content, we completely understand this, which is why we strongly encourage you to hire one of our blog writers. Each of our Los Angeles blog writers has a strong understanding of internet marketing and can write exciting blogs that are appropriate for your industry. We are confident that we can help you verbalize your message through the use of blogging.

Whether you are looking to attract customers or just to share information about your business, the Star Content team can help you choose the right forum, tone and words.

Contact our blog writers today to get started!

Article Writers
In the past, search engines were rewarding websites that had high quality links.  Now, the trend has changed and the sites that are ranking the highest are article based.  Need proof?  Type in a search query in Google, the majority of the time, the top ranking site will be - which is essentially a library of articles!

Businesses are starting to become aware of the search engines' favoritism of articles and are learning that in order to rank high - they need to include internet articles in their websites.  However, these articles must be crafted in a very specific way in order to enhance a website's performance.  Articles must be keyword based, content rich and genuinely useful to readers.  Additionally, articles must have a word count of 350 - 500 to secure a top placement. 

If you understand the value of articles and would like to add this form of content to your website, the article writers at Star Content can be of great help.  We can create articles for your business that incorporate SEO best practices, are well-researched and that really speak to your users. 

Contact our writers to learn how articles can make an excellent addition to your website!

Blog Set Up
Setting up your blog is always easy when you work with Star Content. We have relationships with reliable developers that can set up your blog or integrate your blogging platform into your website. Additionally, we can train you in most blogging platforms, like Word Press.

If you need a blog set up, contact us today to learn how we can help!

Article Packages
Are you looking to purchase several articles at once?  If so, Star Content offers numerous affordable article packages that provide you with great savings.  Our packages start at 5 articles and go up from there.  The more articles you purchase, the bigger your discount will be. 

Blog Packages
Star Content has put together several blog packages that are created by professional content writers at an affordable rate. Our blog packages are very competitively priced and start at 5 blog entries and go up from there.  If you purchase a blog package, you are guaranteed instantaneous savings.

Blogging & Article Writing Rates
We do everything we can to keep our rates competitive and fair.  Unlike most blog and article writers, our team does not charge by the hour. Instead, we charge by the blog or article.  This means you will save a great deal of money and have the advantage of knowing exactly what you are paying for.

If you would like to receive a quote for our blog and article writing services, please contact us today for an initial consultation!

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